Nathan Ruttley

Electronics Consultant


You need knowledge that helps you avoid future mistakes.

Building a product around an electronic system can be complex. Decisions that you make early in the design process can have long-term implications. I can help you choose the tools, hardware platforms, and software platforms that will ensure that your startup can flourish well into the future.

Compliance is not always something to "worry about later". I can tell you if you need to start thinking about compliance and CE marking now - and tell you how to get it done. Do you think that you can outsource your design, or maybe you will need to hire an engineer? I can help you scope out your project and advise on the best course forwards.

Product Consulting.

You need to understand the technologies available to build your product.

For individuals and businesses with an idea assesing the potential solutions can be a daunting task. I can help you choose between NB-IoT and LoRa, between Nordic and ST, and many other competing technologies.

If you have a problem that can be solved with electronics, but you're not sure how to solve it, I can fill that skills gap for you.


You need solid design to underpin your idea.

You already know what your product is, but you need implementation. I've partnered with an expert firmware engineer to bring your product to life. Together, we offer you the complete package you need to build the hardware and firmware that makes your product.

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My specific skillset includes:

PCB Design

Schematic Capture & Layout

Turn your idea or prototype into a manufacturable circuit board.


Manufacture & Assembly

Get your prototypes fabricated and assembled in the UK or in Asia.


Verification and Refinement

Rigorous testing and iterative design improvements to refine your product.


You need to cost down your design and BOM.

I've assisted clients in bringing their products to market, spent time in Asia working with CMs, and curated a network of companies and individuals within the electronics manufacturing industry. This means I can help you reduce the cost of manufacturing your product. Through considerate design and intelligent component selection you can reduce manufacturing and BOM costs.


Tell me about your new product or opportunity, I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me on:

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