My Educational Background


Dr Challoner’s Grammar School
A Levels:
Electronics – A
Physics – A
Maths – A
Geography – B


University of Southampton
1st Year – 1st Class
2nd Year – 1st Class
3rd Year – 1st Class


A focussed and energetic electronic engineering undergraduate

I am a current 3rd Year Electronic Engineering undergradute (MEng) at Southampton University. I have a keen interest in the technology world, charity and media. As the current Meda & Tech Officer for Southampton RAG I get to combine these three passions in a way that benefits the wider community. I am interested in privacy and security and the future of technology and the internet.

  • Electronics

    Through my course and internship my love of electronics has been cemented

  • Charity

    Being a part of RAG at University has made me appreciate the great work that charities do

  • Media
  • Technology

My OpenPGP Fingerprint: 7FC3 5095 651B 0CF7 CC37 8F68 3C3E 16E8 2375 B7


What people I've worked with and for say about me